Student profiles from North America

Stacey Fullwiler
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I’m originally from Southern California in the United States, and I have always been fascinated with travel and with British culture. As I was preparing to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Business at the University of Redlands, I knew I wanted to look for opportunities to complete my education in England.

In my search for MSc programs in Organisational Behaviour in the UK, Aston University came up. I knew Birmingham was an exciting city with a lot to offer, so I decided to focus my search there. As I compared programs, I discovered Aston was one of the leading institutions within that area and had a dedicated business school with a worldwide reputation for excellence. Aston also seemed to offer vast amounts of support to international students as well as lots of opportunities to get involved in the community. When I made contact with Aston, I was really impressed with how welcoming, friendly and thorough everyone was, and when I saw the Santander scholarship opportunity, I knew this was the place where I could achieve my goals. Aston University offers international students the whole package!

I had already visited the UK a couple times before, so I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t had any major surprises. I was able to find a great, affordable apartment within one bus ride of the city centre and the university, and I’m within walking distance of shops and a historic pub! And I managed to find a landlord who allowed me to keep my two cats who I brought from California, so I feel really at home. 

Birmingham is an amazing city with so much to offer-all kinds of restaurants and bars, shopping, fascinating architecture everywhere you look, great public transportation, plus easily accessible art museums and galleries, theatres, cinemas, and a brand new library. I’m missing a few little things from home, but for the most part I’m expecting to have a very fulfilling year at Aston and in Birmingham!

After I graduate from Aston, I’m hoping to find full-time employment in the UK or Europe within the business-consulting field. I feel that my combined skills, Business degree and the MSc in Organisational Behaviour will make me valuable to companies and lead to a successful career within the HR field. 

I’m particularly interested in hostile work environments and conflict resolution, as my understanding of these areas will enable me to help people enjoy their work while also helping companies improve staff retention and raise productivity levels. 

I haven’t yet started my program, but I have the impression the British university system is maybe a little more rigorous than in the States. However, I worked a full-time job while completing my B.S. in an accelerated program, so I think I’m up to the challenge!

My best advice is to make sure you have a passion for wanting to study abroad and the drive not to be discouraged if the journey is bumpy. Obtaining higher education is never easy (particularly as a working adult), and studying overseas is even more difficult and requires serious dedication. 

Do your research, visit if you can, talk to people at the university, and plan, plan, plan! Studying in the UK takes real, long-term motivation, but the feeling of accomplishing it is so worth it.

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Kate Urtecho 200
Kate Urtecho

I’m originally from Russia but then moved to the United States when I was a child. I have recently completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business & Mathematics at Juniata College in Pennsylvania.

Before I decided to apply for Aston I was considering the University of Birmingham and the University of Bath. However I felt that Aston University’s package was best suited for my academic needs. I was attracted to Aston University because of their excellent reputation for graduate prospects and links to industry, the International accreditation was also a deciding factor for me. 

I am not sure what the teaching style will be like at Aston University as I am yet to begin the course, however I am not new to hard work! My previous course was highly demanding. I feel this has prepared me for my new challenge here at Aston University. 

A friend of mine had recommended Birmingham as a great City. Although I have only been here for a week I like the fact everything is walking distance. 

Once I have completed my MSc I plan to secure a job in Europe. I haven’t thought too much about the exact field or industry I would prefer but I will definitely come up with something. I’m confident that Aston University will help me to achieve my aims by providing me with career skills and advice.  

I advise prospective student to be prepared. Make sure you do your research, have all your documents ready and up to date. Lastly, make sure you are ready for change as you will need to adapt to your new environment without difficulties. 

I will be posting monthly blogs to show you about my time at Aston University. Click the link below if you would like to have a read.


Brian Flores

Brian Flores, BSc Business and Management, Mexico

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I really like the sense of community that we have in Aston, the fact that you can get involved in almost any activity of your interest reflects the diversity you find around campus. Aston University gives me a feeling of independence combined with responsibility that I do not find at home. I think that you grow as a person as well, since you have to deal with so many things by yourself, that you must overcome them, and proving to yourself that you can handle it, gives you confidence that will be of great use in life.

I was involved in the Swimming and Water Polo team, which managed to get into the semi-finals of the BUCS tournament for the first time in Aston University history. Being part of a really close team, and getting to know so many people because of that is something that I will always take with me. I also tried volleyball and ball room dancing.

I’ve really seized the opportunity my first time in Europe has given me! I got to travel around Paris, Rome and Edinburgh. Inside England I’ve been to Sheffield, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, and of course London.

Harbir Mahoon Student Profile
Harbir Mahoon

Harbir Mahoon, MPharm (Graduated July 2010), Canada

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There is a great student life here and as an international student I took part in the international freshers’ week which was great! When we first started, the Pharmacy department arranged its own tour for all the new students round the labs and facilities .

I am now going to do my pre-registration year with Boots in Northfields before returning to Canada.

I have relatives in Birmingham and knew that Aston was a good university. We’re on a small campus which creates a really friendly environment. It is easy to keep in touch with your friends. It’s a very sociable city, there are three universities so you get to meet students from other universities.

Najat Abu-Hamileh
Najat Abu-Hamileh
Aston has quite a high profile in Canada so an MPharm from Aston will open doors for me back home. It has also given me plenty of practical experience. The Aston MPharm includes lots of hospital visits quite early on in the programme so that helped me decide between Hospital or Community Pharmacy as a career choice. I want to return home to Canada after graduation where I would like to focus on a career in Hospital Pharmacy initially and perhaps return to do a PhD at a later stage.

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