League table rankings

Aston University is distinctive in that we have strong league table positions across a range of different criteria.

University league tables are not the only way to choose a University and are subject to fluctuations from year to year due to the similar scores of Universities placed in the top 30 and changes in methodology each year. However, league tables do give an indication of quality and reputation, both overall and in specific subject areas.

Outstanding graduate job prospects

We are particularly proud of our strong graduate employment record. Our degrees are distinct from those of many other Universities as they offer relevant, and usually paid, placement year or year abroad opportunities. We also have strong links with business, industry and the professions. 

A great place to live

Aston University is a lively, supportive and friendly place, and our students get the best of both worlds: campus living in the centre of a fantastic student city. These important factors are not covered in University league tables.

Rankings summary


 Overall University rankings  
27th out of all 124 UK universities The Complete University Guide 2014 (supported by The Telegraph and PwC.
 30th out of all 119 UK universities The Guardian University Guide 2014 
339 out of over 6,000 Universities around the World QS World University Rankings 2011/2012
16 of our 19 broad subject areas ranked in the UK's top  15 in 2006 - 2014 subject rankings  Times, Complete and/or Guardian University Guides



Other key rankings  
11th out of all 115 UK full scale Universities for Student Satisfaction (8th in England) 2008 National Student Survey, published in September 2008 - featured in the Sunday Times
Top 20 UK University for lowest Drop-out rate HESA (UK Government) Performance Indicators 2006-7, full scale UK Universities published in June 2008
Top 10 UK University for "Graduate Level" employment success Times, Sunday Times, Guardian, Complete University Guides 2009 taken from HESA DLHE data - consistently in the top 10 for the last 15 years

Top 3 UK University for Masters in Management Programmes (18th in World) Financial Times Masters Rankings 2009 (September 2009). 1st in World for Careers Rank
18th out of 126 UK Universities in the Green People and Planet Green League


The Sunday times

Graduate Level Jobs: 2010 and 2011 Graduates                                                            

1.        Imperial College, London                        95.4%

2.        London School of Economics (LSE)         94.6%

3.        Kings College London                              90.4%

4.        University College London (UCL)            88.9%

5.       Aston University                              88.5%

6.        Cambridge University                             88.2%

The Complete University Guide (Published in April 11)

Aston is ranked 25th overall out of all 115 UK Universities.

The Complete University Guide is based on criteria such as research quality, teaching quality, entry grades, graduate level employment, degree success, student satisfaction and spending on teaching/student facilities.

The Complete University Guide is compiled by Mayfield Consultants and is the most established of all the UK University rankings, having used consistent methodologies for over 15 years. Mayfield compiled the Times rankings until 2007.

The Times Good University Guide 2011

Aston is ranked 29th overall out of all 115 UK Universities in this guide. Aston has been in the top 30 of The Times each year since 2004, despite recent changes in methodology.

The Times Good University Guide is based on criteria such as research quality, teaching quality, entry grades, graduate level employment, degree success, student satisfaction and spending on teaching/student facilities.

The methodology used in the Times rankings has changed over the last few years, so direct comparisons between years are not always useful. The Times rankings are now compiled by Exeter Enterprises, a subsidiary of Exeter University.

Subject Rankings: 2006-14 Guardian/Times/Complete University Guides

16 of Aston University’s 19 subject areas* have featured in the top 15, confirming our overall strength across a range of subjects.

Subject area   Ranking

Anatomy and Physiology (includes subjects such as Optometry, Audiology and Human Biology)

See also Subjects Allied to Medicine where Aston is ranked 1st.


Top 5 in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 - The Guardian

Biological Sciences

See also Anatomy and Physiology and Subjects Allied to Medicine


 12th in 2010, 6th in 2008 - The Guardian

Building and Construction


11th in 2014 - The Complete University Guide

7th 2010: The Times

Business, Management and related subjects

Top 10 in 2010, 2009, 2008 - The Complete University Guide

 11th in 2010 - The Times. Business at Aston has featured in the top 10 Universities offering undergraduate Business degrees in The Times for 7 out of the last 8 years.

 19th in 2014 - The Complete University Guide

Chemical Engineering 20th in 2014 - The Complete University Guide
Electronic Engineering

15th in 2008 - The Guardian



15th in 2010 - The Times


International Business Financial Times 2012
36th in the world rankings
5th in the UK
5th in 2014 - Complete University Guide
Mechanical Engineering

14th in 2008 - The Complete University Guide


 Modern Languages (French, German, Spanish) 9th in 2010 - The Guardian
Ophthalmics  Equal 2nd in 2014- The Complete University Guide 
Pharmacy and Pharmacology

7th in 2014 - The Complete University Guide

7th in 2010 - The Complete University Guide


Production, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering

This ranking is relevant to our Product Design and Design Engineering courses

12th in 2010 - The Times 2010.

20th in 2010 0 The Complete University Guide


Social Policy  17th in 2014 - The Complete University Guide

Subjects Allied to Medicine

This ranking is relevant to our Optometry and Audiology courses 

1st in 2010 - The Complete University Guide 2010

1st in 2010 - The Times 


Consistently in the top 10 for over 5 years.


*Methodologies in the Times/Guardian/Good University Guide rankings often change each year so it is not always relevant to compare ranking positions year on year. Giving an indication of ranking position over 3-4 years also gives an accurate indication of quality.

Rankings for French, German and Spanish are combined to form a modern languages ranking in the Guardian.

Other Rankings

National Student Survey – Aston University has performed consistently well in the National Student Survey (NSS) with a top 10 performance overall in the 2008 NSS. 

Drop-out rates: According to Government data released by HESA in June 2008, Aston had one of the lowest drop-out rates in the UK at 4.0%, confirming our reputation for student support and success and against a UK average of over 7%. The table is featured in the Guardian from June 2008 in raw form in the final column of the table in this link.

Aston University Careers Service - In a major 2006 survey of its members by the AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters), representing the major UK companies who recruit graduates, Aston’s Careers Service was voted in the UK’s top 10 of all UK Universities for the services it provides. This confirms our excellent reputation with graduate employers across the UK and beyond and that Aston students gain an advantage for their future careers and success. www.aston.ac.uk/careers

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research