Aston and India


Aston has very strong links with India. Aston’s current collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology in Ropar (IIT Ropar) oversees the construction and implementation of a combined heat and power plant in the Punjab region of India to turn agricultural waste into energy.

In India at the moment, leftover waste from harvests is illegally burned with disastrous environmental and health consequences. The European Bioenergy Research Institute based at Aston has developed an innovative technology that can transform this waste – rice straw and wheat straw – into useful energy and other beneficial by-products. Working in partnership with IIT Ropar, this technology is being put into practice. The aim is to motivate farming communities to adopt this technology for the financial energy benefits and for an overall improvement to the quality of life through the reduction of open field burning. 

The research team hope that this pioneering project will create a blueprint for renewable powered systems to provide electricity, process heat and cooling, capable of being easily replicated throughout India.