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Expenses and Fees 2015/16

If you wish to see if you would qualify as a Home or EU student, please use our simple self-assessment guide.

For Scholarship information please click here.

Accommodation Fees

For non-EU international students Accommodation on campus is guaranteed for every year of study. For EU students, campus accommodation is guaranteed for the first year of study. The Licence period for International/EU (Non-British) students is 40 weeks (includes Orientation and Freshers Week).

Accommodation Fees for 2015/16: 

  • Lakeside(en-suite): flat share with 6-10 students-£119 per week / £4,998 per year. 
  • Harriet Martineau, William Murdoch, Mary Sturge and James Watt(en-suite): flat share with 7 students-£126 per week / £5,292 per year.
  • Harriet Martineau, William Murdoch, Mary Sturge and James Watt, (en-suite): flat share with 5 students- £133 per week / £5,586 per year.

To convert into your currency please use the Shopper's Currency Converter™. 

Living Expenses

The UKBA regulations state that you must budget £820 per month (includes accommodation, food, books, clothes, local travel, and spending money) in order to apply for your student visa. You may also find this tool useful in working out your budget – UNIAID International Student Calculator

Pre-sessional English programmes

Dates and Fees:

  • 30-week pre-sessional: 26th January – 11th September 2015 - £8,500 
  • 20-week pre-sessional: 27th April – 11th September 2015 - £6,100 
  • 16-week pre-sessional: 26th May – 11th September 2015 - £4,900 
  • 12-week pre-sessional: 22nd June – 11th September 2015 - £4,100 
  • 8-week pre-sessional: 20th July – 11th September 2015 - £2,900 
  • 4-week pre-sessional: 14st August – 11th September 2015 - £1,850 

 For further information regarding Pre-sessional English programmes please click here.

International Foundation Year 

  • Business & Social Sciences International Foundation Year - £12,750

  • Engineering and Applied Science International Foundation Year - £12,750

Aston Business School

Engineering and Applied Sciences

Languages and Social Sciences

Single Honours Modern Languages

 Modern Languages Combinations

Translation Studies

International Business and Modern Languages (IBML)

Modern Languages with Qualified Teacher Status

Combinations with English Language/ Sociology

Combinations with Politics/ International Relations

Single Honours 

 Joint Honours

 English with Modern Languages

Single Honours 

Joint Honours

International Politics and Modern Languages (IPL)

International Relations and Modern Languages

Single Honours 

Joint Honours Sociology

 Joint Honours Social Policy

International Business and Modern Languages (IBML)


Social Science and Business Combinations

Life and Health Sciences

Aston Business School

Engineering and Applied Science

Languages and Social Sciences

Life and Health Sciences

  • Master of Science by Research - £15,500
  • MSc by Research Mechanical Engineering and Design - £15,500
  • MSc by Mathematics of Complex Systems (MaCS) - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Civil Engineering - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Chemical Engineering - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Chemical Engineering and App Chemistry - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Computer Science - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Information Engineering - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Electronic Engineering - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Engineering Systems and Management - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Mechanical Engineering - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Applied Chemistry - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Engineering Systems - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Engineering Management - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Mathematics - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Languages & Social Sciences - £12,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Applied Linguistics (part time) - £7,000
  • MPHIL/PHD Translation Studies (part time) - £6,250
  • Doctor of Optometry - £6,300
  • Doctor Ophthalmic Science - £6,300
  • Doctor of Pharmacy - £6,300
  • MPHIL/PHD Pharmacy - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Neurosciences - £15,500
  • MPHIL/PHD Biomedical Sciences - £15,500 
  • MPHIL/PHD Health Sciences - £15,500 


Once you have accepted your offer to study at Aston University, you may be asked to pay a tuition fee deposit. All the details about your tuition fees and deposits will be provided to you by the Admissions Office. Meanwhile, please refer to Student Finance page. 


We advise and encourage students to also make contact with their local Ministry of Education or Education Department, as they should have information of scholarship opportunities available to students who wish to study overseas.

You can also visit our Aston Scholarships page.

Some other potential sources of funding can be found on our External Scholarships page

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