Your Guide to Applying

Follow our step by step guide on how to apply for an exchange.

Step 2: Entry Requirements

If there is an agreement, please click on the drop down menus below to check you meet our entry criteria, what you can study and important deadlines.

The exchange programme allows students to study at Aston for either a full year or one teaching period. Before applying there a few requirements that you must meet:

- be nominated by one of our European partner institutions, as part of the ERASMUS+ Scheme,


- be nominated by one of our international partner institutions.

Additionally, you must:

- have completed a minimum of one or two years' study in Higher Education.

- fulfill our English Language requirements, see the next drop down box for more information.

To ensure that you will be successful in your studies at Aston, we look for strong evidence that you have a good level of written and spoken English before you are accepted onto any of Aston's programmes. This is to ensure that you are able to cope with the demands of our programmes.

If English is not your first language, you must be able to satisfy the University's English language requirements. The level required will depend on the programme you are applying for.

If you require a visa in order to study within the UK then you must supply a Secure English Language Test (an IELTS) according to our English Language requirements. Please click here to visit our Visa Advice pages for more information.  

Please click here to see our English language requirements.

Postgraduate Students    

If you are a Postgraduate student applying to Aston Business School click here for the English requirements.

Aston University is divided into 4 Schools. You will only be able to study within the School your University has an agreement with, therefore when choosing modules please pick modules from one School and not across each one. Following your nomination and according to which subject you have picked, you will be contacted by the University with a list of specific modules you may choose from.

Below are the 4 Schools and the subject areas which are available for exchange students. Please click on the links for a list of modules.

Aston Business School

All undergraduate programmes in the Aston Business School 

Click here for the module lists

Engineering & Applied Science

Engineering disciplines (Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic)
Product Design
Transport Management

Click here for the module lists

Languages & Social Sciences

English Language
International Relations
Translation Studies
Sociology / Social Policy

Click here for the module lists 

Life & Health Sciences

Biomedical Sciences*

*The School of Life & Health Sciences has a number of restrictions in place surrounding the selection of modules. Unfortunately, it is not possible to study any lab based modules due to a strict constraint on spacing and student numbers. Additionally it will only be possible to undertake modules from Year 1 and Year 2. Please note you will have to select your modules before completing an application form.

Due to the nature of the courses offered it is also advised to take a full year exchange as opposed to studying for a single teaching period. This will be of greater benefit to you and will also mean fewer restrictions in terms of selecting modules.

Please note that we are unable to offer any undergraduate exchange opportunities in Audiology, Pharmacy, or Optometry.

Modules to be selected following discussion with Bhavisha Patel (b.patel14@aston.ac.uk). 


Your workload will normally consist of 60 credits (30 ECTS) per teaching period. For students attending the whole year this is a total of 120 Aston (60 ECTS) credits.

Examinations & Assessments

Students are expected to complete all assessments required by the modules and must remain at Aston for the examinations.For modules assessed by examinations, these are held at the end of each teaching period, e.g. in January, for teaching period 1.

Transcripts will be sent directly in the post to students after their marks have been confirmed by the relevant exam board. Please note that mid-year transcripts cannot be produced for any student even if you are only studying for teaching period one, as all transcripts are produced at the end of the academic year.

Marking Scheme

The guidelines in the document below indicate the marks and classifications to be awarded for various standards of student work. The descriptions in the below document are generalised and may vary from individual pieces of work set by academic staff.

Click here for the marking guidelines

There are two set deadlines by which you must submit your application to us. These depend on which intake you are applying for:

Students coming in September    20 June 2018

Students coming in January         20 October 2018

Once we receive the nomination details from your home institution the relevant School will send you an application form, which you must complete and return along with the following documents:

- scanned copy of your passport (if you require a visa)

- copy of official nomination letter

- copy of your academic transcript

It is important that you write your personal details as they appear in your passport and also provide us with an accurate email address, as we will need to contact you on a regular basis.

(Please note that without these documents we cannot produce your acceptance letter/CAS.)

You will also receive information about accommodation, module selections and welcome/induction events taking place.

Step 3: Contacting your Home Institution

If you meet all of our criteria, please contact your International Office/ Erasmus+ Office or relevant department to start the nomination process.