Wireless Hotspots

Main Building -

Great Hall,G11, Dol Che Vita, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor (Partial coverage for SEAS area), 3rd Floor (Partial coverage for SEAS area), 4th Floor and 6th Floor.  Outside Main Building grass/bench area. There is coverage at all the social areas near the main stairwells in the main building.  

North Wing -


 South Wing -


Nelson Building -

Ground and 2nd Floor MBA Lounge (inc Teaching Rooms)

CEAC Building -

1st Floor, 2nd Floor

Library -


Student Guild -

Blue Room, Einstein’s Bar, The Loft (2nd Floor) and 1st floor (Student Advantage).

Visual Sciences -  

Ground Floor (Common Room, VSG03 Lecture Theatre, Student Common Area).  All of 1st floor.