Eduroam service


Aston University is a participating member of Janet Roaming Service (JRS).  Aston University provides a service that allows guest users from other participating organisation to authenticate with the wireless network called “eduroam”.  

All users must read the Aston University IT Policy and Janet Guidelines (AUP) before attempting to connect to any of the wireless services. 

For staff and students who wish to connect to the eduroam network will need to contact the ISA Helpdesk to get their mobile device/laptop configured or alternatively download the Windows configurations instructions.

Linux and MAC OS will need no configuration to connect to the edurom wireless network. 

Please read the instructions on how to setup your Windows operating system to connect to the eduroam.

Windows configuration instructions

Click here to download the Windows auto installation

Please read the connection guide on how to connect to the service:

Eduroam Policy (UK)

JANET Roaming Service Connection Guide

JANET Roaming Service User Guide


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