FollowMe Internet Printing

ISA are launching Internet printing for the FollowMe system to allow you to print from your own laptop or home computer.  This will operate if you are on campus, in residences or even while working from a café in town! 

Once installed you use it exactly the same as the system on Campus. Send your print jobs to iFM_Mono and swipe your uniCARD on any of the printers on campus to collect your printing.

This system is currently on trial and therefore we are only providing Mono printing. It is intended that colour printing will be released once the system is proven.

Currently it is only possible to use this service with Microsoft Windows but we are planning to further develop this to work with the Apple Mac operating system.  It should operate with both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of MS Windows XP, Visa and 7.

Please note: Unfortunately this no longer works with newer versions of Windows, i.e. Windows 8 or 10

Installation Instructions

To install the Internet FollowMe Mono (iFM_Mono) or FollowMe Colour (iFM_Colour) printers on your computer you will need to ensure you are connected to the internet. Once this is established you just need to click the link below and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note you must use MS Internet Explorer to open the following link and install the printer. 

Click Here to Install the iFM_Mono Printer

Click Here to Install the iFM_Colour Printer

A detailed step by step guide of the whole process is as follows;

Internet Printing Step 1

You will need to authenticate using your full username i.e. CAMPUS\username, and password.

The screen will then show the installation progress and will ask you to confirm the addition of the printer connection;

Internet Printing Step 2

Click 'Yes' to install the Internet FollowMe Mono printer to your computer.  The system will then download the appropriate printer drivers and install the printer on your machine.

The following message will appear when installation is complete.

Internet Printing Step 3

Coming soon...

Internet Printing problems

If you encounter any issues with the Internet Printing Service then please contact the IT Helpdesk.