Staff uniCARD Rules and Regulations

  • Any breach of these rules and regulations may result in Disciplinary Action being taken against you.

  • Your uniCARD serves as your Aston University identification card.  It must be worn and visible at all times whilst you are in the University buildings and carried with you at all times whilst elsewhere on the campus. The University reserves the right to refuse access to anyone not displaying their uniCARD.

  • This uniCARD is for your use and your use only; it must not be passed to anyone else, under any circumstances, for them to use to enter University Premises or for other purposes.

  • This uniCARD provides you with personal access to several facilities in the University:

    • The right to enter certain access controlled rooms.

    • The ability to borrow books from the Library.

    • The ability to print documents.

  • You must not use anyone else’s uniCARD to gain access to these facilities. Please contact the ISA Helpdesk if you have difficulties using your uniCARD.

  • You must not let anyone into an access controlled area nor allow anyone to follow you in to an access controlled area without them using his or her uniCARD to unlock the door.

  • It is your responsibility to safeguard your uniCARD. You must report the loss or theft of your uniCARD immediately to Security in the Main Building entrance or the IT Helpdesk in Main Building East G16. You are responsible for the actions associated with use of your uniCARD until the loss has been reported.

  • Your uniCARD remains the property of Aston University and must be handed to an authorised person on request.

  • If your uniCARD needs replacement due to loss or damage:

    • You must report this as soon as possible to the IT Helpdesk.

    • A replacement uniCARD can be obtained from the IT Helpdesk in Main Building East G16

  • Other Rules and Regulations that apply:

    • Your uniCARD gives you access to a number of University facilities such as borrowing rights in the Library, Touch Pay and the sports facilities. Its use is subject to any Rules and Regulations that these facilities may impose.

    • The ability to enter rooms unlocked by the uniCARD is authorised by Schools/Departments, such access is subject to any Rules and Regulations they may impose.