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Aston Private Access wireless network

Aston University provides staff and specifically authorised persons a private wireless network called “Aston Private Access” which is designed to provide access to your files in your home directory, personal data and University services. This service is equivalent to connecting to a network outlet but without guaranteed level of service.

Aston Private Access wireless network can be configured on MAC OS, Linux and Windows operating systems. To access this, you will need to configure an 8021.x client which provides secure authentication and access.  Please contact your Desktop Advisor if you need access to the Aston-Private-Access wireless network.

Using the Aston Private Access wireless network you can: 

  • Browse both secure and insecure Internet web sites (using http or https).
  • Access remote email services; if they are based on one of the standard systems: web based, pop/smtp or imap.
  • Access your files in your home directory.
  • Access University published services, such as the Blackboard VLE and student email (these may require University accounts to gain access).
  • Access all Aston University services.

Accessing the Aston Private Access wireless network
To configure your system so that it can access the "Aston Private Access" wireless network, please contact the Network Services team via isa_networking@aston.ac.uk or alternatively contact the ISA Helpdesk , so that relevant software can be provided for your laptop’s operating environment.