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Aston University provides a generic wireless network called “Aston General Access” which is designed to provide restricted access to the network for students, visitors and ad-hoc users. This service will give access to services that are external to Aston University.

Aston General Access wireless network can be configured on MAC OS, Linux and Windows operating systems. Instructions on how to configure your wireless settings are located at the bottom of this page.

Using the Aston General Access wireless network you can:

  • Browse secure and insecure Internet web sites (using http or https).
  • Access remote email services; if they are based on one of the standard systems: web based, pop/smtp or imap.
  • Access University published services, such as the Blackboard VLE and student email (these may require University accounts to gain access).

Please note there are some restricted websites on the Aston General Access wireless network.

Download instructions and software
Please choose the relevant download instructions for your operating system. 

 Operating System  Download Instructions

Windows 2000, XP

 Installation Guide Windows 2000, XP

Linux (32/x86_64)

 Installation Guide Linux


 Installation Guide Mac OS


Once you have connected to the wireless network you will need to go through an authentication process to identify you to the network.  This can be done via:

  • Valid Aston University credentials i.e. Username and Password
  • Log on as a Guest user – this provides the service but with restricted bandwidth

For instructions on how to authenticate please download the Authentication Process Document.