Voicemail Messages Housekeeping

When a new message is received a red light will appear on the handset and a message icon will show in the top right hand corner of the display screen.

7940G Cisco Phone
7940G Cisco Phone

To listen to the new message press the messages button, enter your pin number and listen to the announcements.  Press 1 to listen to messages.

After each message you are presented with a list of options.

1. For next message.

2. To repeat message.

3. To reply to the message.

5. To forward a message.

6. To delete message.

7. To call the originator.

9. To listen to the callers

Your Voicemail box can store a maximum of 30 messages. After it has reached 15 you will be warned to clear down any old messages. When your Voicemail box is full people will be unable to leave further messages until you clear out old messages.

When your voicemail box is full, you will hear this announcement when accessing your voicemail messages, (beep beep) “Please clear down your old messages, your maximum limit has been reached”

After this announcement, listen to your messages by pressing 1. At the end of each message you can press 6 to delete it or 1 to store the message and move onto the next. You can skip to the end of a message at any time by pressing *.

A complete Voicemail options flow chart can be found by clicking the Voicemail User Flowchart Guidlines