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To request a new telephone handset, please complete the form below and read the 'What happens next' instructions.  This form is to be used for the ordering of additional handsets for the new telephone system. 

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The handset will also require one or more of the following, which will be determined by an ISA Network Services Team survey:

  • Connection to existing Outlet - £50.00
  • New Outlet - £100.00
  • New Switch Port - £200.00
  • New Outlet & Switch Port - £300.00  

All prices include VAT

What happens next?

  • The ISA Network Services Team will send you a quote by e-mail.
  • Print the quote and return with the appropriate authorisation signatures.
  • You will need to get the quote authorised by the Head of your School/Department.
  • If you are not ordering a standard 7490G phone, then the authorised quote must go to the Director of Finance for further approval.
  • After approval, please send the signed and authorised quote to Marianne Lynne (Telephones). Shortly after you will be contacted to arrange the installation works.
  • Provision and installation involves external suppliers and therefore works are subject to their availability.
  • You will be sent separate IDT’s for the handset and the installation.