Network development costs

Aston University operates one of the most sophisticated network systems in the UK. To provide high quality, value for money services to its customers, the network charges have been implemented such that the expansion of the network is achieved at fixed costs for all customers rather than having to make individual customers pay for high setup costs. For example, when switch capacities are full, the need arises to purchase a new switch at several thousand pounds, and it would clearly be inappropriate that an individual customer bears these costs. It is noted that all income obtained through this charging mechanism pays for software, equipment and external specialist services.

Any desired changes to the network can be requested as below:

  • Enable existing outlet(s)
  • Request new outlet(s)
For the installation of new outlets, ISA staff will visit the location to perform a pre-installation survey. This is to ensure that the requested outlets will meet the desired requirements at the lowest cost. There are no charges for these surveys.

All outlet installations or relocations are carried out by the cabling contractors. There may be some disruption while the work is carried out

Any additions or amendments to the network at Aston incur a charge. A summary of these are shown in the table below.

 Summary  Charge

Installing a new outlet

This covers the cost of installing the outlet box and cabling it to the appropriate wiring closet.  In exceptional circumstances, this cost might be higher if the distance from outlet to wiring closet exceeds the normal limit of 90m. Such a situation would be discussed when the pre-installation survey was done.


Activating an existing outlet

Connecting the outlet to the network to enable data and/or telephony services. Once activated, an outlet will support one data device (computer/network printer) and one Cisco handset.


Installing and activating a new outlet

Both of the above options.


Relocating an existing outlet

Sometimes an outlet is not in the right position. In certain circumstances it is possible to relocate an existing outlet to elsewhere in the area provided the existing cable is long enough.


Transferring an active connection to another existing outlet

Moving an active but unused connection to another outlet where activation is required.


Supplying a new Cisco 7940G handset (2 button)

This is a standard Cisco IP handset.


Supplying a new Cisco 7960 handset (6 button)

This is an upgraded Cisco IP handset as used by many secretaries.


Supplying a handset wall bracket

To enable a Cisco handset to be securely affixed to a wall. Useful where a handset is placed in general access areas. (The wall bracket is installed by Estates)


Activating an outlet for a fax or modem connection

This involves adding an analogue adapter in the local wiring closet to enable a standard fax machine or modem to work over the data network. Such a connection cannot also be used for a Cisco handset or data.


Changing the outlet configuration between schools/departments

Each device connecting to the network needs to be allocated to the correct school/department (vlan).


Installing wireless access points

Wireless access points can be installed in most areas. However, as each situation will be different, every installation request will require a detailed survey and will have to be individually priced.