Blackboard Collaborate

Collaborate allows lecturers to schedule synchronous virtual classroom and webinar sessions. There are a number of tools for lecturers to use such as a virtual white board, screen sharing, web tours and polling. Participants can communicate through text chat, as well as using a microphone or web cam when permitted. It can be very useful in distance learning as well as when using a blended approach. Aston has integrated Collaborate with Blackboard to allow for easy scheduling of sessions as well as convenient user management.


To report a technical problem or make a request for support please email collaborate@aston.ac.uk

Staff Training

On line resources

Please take a look at the TLC guides and tutorials resource for Blackboard. Often this is the quickest way to get help as it is available 24 hours a day.

One to one

Training can be arranged in a one to one setting or simply advice given via email or over the telephone. Please get in touch with collaborate@aston.ac.uk

One to many

Training can also be arranged for a number of members of staff. You may feel it beneficial to your subject group if you are all trained at once which can provide for some very useful group discussion over how a tool might be implemented into module or even an entire strategy. Please get in touch with collaborate@aston.ac.uk