How to Install Matlab

Before starting the isntallation you will need to request the File Installation Key and Activation Key from your ISA Support Team.

Downloading Matlab

  1. Open a web browser and browse to www.mathworks.co.uk
  2. Log in with your Mathworks account and then click on the My Account link
  3. The My Account page will now be displayed.  From here you can access various resources and log support requests with Mathworks
  4. In the left hand menu click the Manage Licenses link to open the License Center
  5. Once the License Center has opened you will see a list of all the licenses associated with your account.  If you have been correctly linked to the University license you will see one entry for license number 527202.
  6. Click on this license to see the license details.
  7. The license details include information on all the toolboxes included in our Matlab license with a link to download them
  8. Click on the Download Products link
  9. The Downloads page will now be displayed allowing you to select a version of the software to download.  By default this will select the latest version of Matlab but if you wish you can click on the Choose another release link to pick an older version.
  10. Select the operating system you are using.  If you are unsure if you are using 32-bit or 64-bit please contact your ISA Support Team.  If they are not available and you need to install Matlab urgently then the 32-bit version will work on all computers.
  11. Once you have selected an operating system click the Download button
  12. When asked to choose a download method we recomment you download the current version of all products for the platform you have selected.
  13. Follow any other on screen instructions to download Matlab to your computer.
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Mathworks Homepage My Account
Mathworks Homepage My Account Link
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Mathworks My Account Page
Mathworks My Account Page
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Mathworks License Center Page
Mathworks License Center Page
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Mathworks License Details Page
Mathworks License Details Page

Installing Matlab

  1. Once the download is complete if you are using the Java based download manager you will have the option to start the installer straight away.  If you are not using the download manager then you will need to open the folder where you downloaded Matlab and run the installer manually.
  2. Once the installer has loaded select Install without using the Internet and click Next
  3. Accept the license agreement and then click Next
  4. Enter the File Installation Key into the box and click Next
  5. Select Custom install type and click Next
  6. Click Next to accept the default installation path
  7. If you are prompted to create the folder click Yes
  8. Ensure all toolboxes are selected and click Next
  9. Select where you would like shortcuts created and click Next
  10. Click Install
  11. Once the installation is complete you may be prompted about additional configuration steps.  If you wish to use any of the features mentioned take a note of any extra commands you need to run and then click Next
  12. Ensure Activate MATLAB is checked and click Next
  13. Select Activate automatically using the Internet and click Next
  14. Enter your MathWorks account details and click Next
  15. Select the 527202 - Total Academic Headcount Campus license and click Next
  16. Enter the Activation Key and click Next 
  17. Click Activate
  18. Click Finish
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Matlab Installer
Matlab Installer

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