File Storage & Saving Work

As part of your personal computing account you have access to a secure personal folder (H: Drive) where you should save your work. The H:Drive is accessed through the Computer icon on the desktop.

ISA would like to remind Aston University staff and students that they should endeavour to save their data on their Network Drive (usually H: drive) rather than on their local PC.

If Aston University staff and students need to create and keep data on their local PC then they are personally responsible for keeping copies of their valuable data. Obviously ISA cannot provide any assistance for any loss of data if it is stored locally on PCs or on personal backup media. 

Personal File store area

All members of staff are automatically given 300MB of storage space.  If this is not sufficient you can request increased space by contacting the ISA Helpdesk.

Shared File store area

A shared filestore area is to allow more than one person to collaborate on documents using a single, network-based location.

Shared filestore areas are designed for many-to-many collaboration using desktop computers connected to the University LAN; for distributing documents on a read-only basis, you may find the University VLE, Blackboard, more appropriate.

By default an allocation of 500MB is set for an individual shared area, however this can be increased should it be required.

Request a new shared file store area


All files on your H: drive are backed up to the University Central Backup system each night. The backups are kept on tape for a period of up to 2 months.

Information about restoring deleted files

Virus Scanning

All of the computers within the University are routinely scanned and cleared of viruses.


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