FollowMe on Mobile Devices

You can now print to FollowMe Staff via a mobile phone or tablet device when connected to the university wireless network.

(Please note that this requires the device to be connected to the university wireless network for it to function and that it is not available from outside of the campus).

Currently this is only available for Apple iDevices (iPhone / iPad), however we are working on implementing Google Cloud Print shortly which will cater for Android devices. 

Within all applications on an iDevice there should be an action icon similar to below (please note that within the email application the print option can be found along with the reply and forward options).

iDevice Action Icon
  1. On selecting this icon you will see a 'Print' option which will give you the ability to select a printer. It will always remember the last printer used so you may already see a printer name listed.

  2. Clicking the printer name (or clicking 'Select Printer' if it is the first time you are printing from your iDevice) will then search the network for available Air printers.

  3. You will see two printers listed on the network, however you will need to select the printer called 'fms - FollowMe Staff Air Printer'.

  4. At this point you will be able to choose how many copies of the document you would like printing.

  5. Now select 'Print'.

  6. The first time you use this facility you will be asked to enter your Aston University username and password, however this authentication will be held on the device for future use.

Your print job should now be sent to the FollowMe Staff system and can be collected as usual from any FollowMe Staff print device.

If you have any problems please contact the IT Services Helpdesk.


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