FollowMe Staff - Print / Copy / Scan

The Staff system uses the latest generation of FollowMe Printing, FollowMe Embedded, which provides additional features such as being able to select which jobs you want to print and even deleting print jobs directly from the device.

FollowMe Embedded Device

Using FollowMe Embedded

Firstly, if on arriving to use the device the screen is blank then it is in energy saving mode and you will need to wake it up. This can be done by pressing the Power button which will have a green light on.

Once awake the device will ask you to present your ID or to login with your username and password.  If your uniCARD is already registered then you just need to present it to the reader located on the right hand side of the device. Please note that there are two types of reader in use; swipe readers such as the one shown in the picture below and contactless readers.


FollowMe Embedded Swipe

Having swiped your card the screen will start loading the FollowMe Embedded application and will then show your username across the top of the screen to confirm you are logged into the device. It will also present you with two options; 'Print All' which will print all currently queued print jobs and 'Print' which will allow you to select the relevant print jobs that you want to print on this occasion.

At this point if you do not need to print but instead want to copy or scan to email, then you will need to press the relevant button, Copy or Scan (See the Mode selection buttons image below).

FollowMe Embedded Mode Selection

If you are printing and choose to select the individual documents you will be presented with a list of the documents on your FollowMe print queue.

FollowMe Embedded Selected Print Jobs

Documents can be selected by clicking on them and once highlighted you can either print or delete them from your FollowMe queue.  Once you have clicked the ‘Print Selected’ button you can then press the log out and wait for your documents to be printed.  You can check on the progress of the printing by selecting the ‘Status / Job Cancel’ button from the devices main panel even if you are not currently logged into the device.

FollowMe Embedded Print Status Screen


The FollowMe embedded devices will always login to your personal FollowMe account when you are printing documents.  Therefore you must always log out of the device before walking away from it to stop anyone accessing your account and using it for photocopying.

To logout you can either press the ‘Logout’ button on the FollowMe screen, the ‘Logout’ button on the device main control panel or by swiping your uniCARD again. If swiping your uniCARD then please ensure you only swipe the card once to avoid the risk of FollowMe logging you out of the device and back in again.

Printing problems

If the printer you are attempting to use does not appear to be operating correctly please contact the ISA Helpdesk.