FollowMe Staff - ABS

ABS departmental printing is all part of the FollowMe Staff System which is operated by ISA.

FollowMe Embedded Device

Where are the machines located?

Central devices have been installed in the following locations;

  • Main Building 247 - Postgraduate Suite
  • South Wing 707
  • South Wing 8th Floor Print Room
  • South Wing 9th Floor Corridor
  • South Wing 10th Floor Corridor
  • ABS Building 246
  • ABS Building 4th Floor Print Room
  • ABS Building 604
  • ABS Building 6th Floor Kitchen 

 These devices operate at between 30 and 55 pages per minute, and all have colour functionality.  All devices apart from ABS 604 have the ability to staple your documents. 

How do I print to the new devices?

You should find that you have a new printer installed on your desktop computer called FollowMe. If you cannot find the printer on your computer you can add it manually by following the instructions here.

By sending print jobs to this printer they will be held on your personal print queue for up to 3 days or until you collect them from your nearest print device. Before using the device for the first time it is useful to ensure that your uniCARD has been registered by following the instructions here.  For help in using the FollowMe Print Devices see Using FollowMe.

The default settings on this new printer (FollowMe) are for Duplex (Double sided) and Mono (Black and White) printing and you will need to change the print properties at the time of printing if you want to take advantage of colour printing or the various finishing options.

Where can I get help in using the new devices?

The devices are part of a managed print service and therefore if they develop a problem an engineer will visit within 4 hours of being called. To request an engineer visit you will need to use the contact details that are displayed on the front of the device and quote the machine reference number. 

Toner and staples are also provided as part of this contract and can be requested using the same contact details.

For help in using the new devices please contact your local departmental support team.

Printing problems

If the printer you are attempting to use does not appear to be operating correctly please contact your local departmental support team in the first instance or alternatively the ISA Helpdesk.