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Desktops, Notebooks & Monitors

The University has entered an agreement with a single PC supplier, Getech, who will provide us with Lenovo desktops, notebooks and monitors.

The full list of recommended computers and monitors can now be found on our dedicated Getech website which also includes up to date pricing for each specification.

The PC specifications given are designed to be suitable for almost all of the University's requirements.  If you are unsure which PC best fits your needs or it you feel that you require a different specification please contact us to discuss your request.

  • All new desktop quotes include a 5 year on-site next business day warranty, which is a University requirement and this cannot be removed.

  • All new notebook quotes include at least a 3 year on-site next business day warranty, which is a University requirement and this cannot be removed.

Internet/Personal Tablets

If you wish to purchase an internet/personal tablet please read our purchasing guidelines before contacting IT Services with your requirements.  Due to the fast development of these products we do not currently recommend a specific tablet.


For IT consumables (e.g. USB Flash drives and external hard drives under £100) it is not necessary to contact IT Services for a quotation.  These item can be purchased directly from our supplier, Insight UK.  For any other equipment or if you are unsure please contact your support team for advice.

Redeployed Equipment

The table below defines the minimum specification of PC (desktop or notebook) that IT Services will deploy to staff through the University's ‘Redeployment & Disposal of IT Equipment Policy’.




 Intel Core 2 Duo or newer


 2 GB

Hard Drive

 80 GB


DirectX 9 Graphics Card 




The above PC specifications are suitable for running Microsoft Office 2010, standard productivity tools (e.g. Adobe Reader), other basic software and browsing the internet.  It is recommended that you run only a few applications at a time.

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