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Mailing Lists - Request Distribution List
These types of list have a fixed set of recipients, typically administered by IT Services.

Distribution Lists are typically used for one-to-many communication such as department distribution lists or student distribution lists. They cannot contain external recipients and are typically only for internal use.

To request a new distribution list, please complete the form below. IT Services aim to process requests within 2 working days.

Distribution List Details
Tips on naming lists:

  • Keep it simple. For easy identification, prefix your department or school name eg. isa_listname@aston.ac.uk or eas_listname@aston.ac.uk.
  • Avoid odd characters. It is best to stick to a set such as [A-Za-z0-9_.-] .
  • Distribution lists can include other lists to help you avoid adding lots of individual addresses
N.B.  IT Services reserve the right to request that an alternative name be used should such a name already exists, may be misleading or ambiguous etc
Should non-aston addresses be able to mail this list? »
Responsible Person
IT Services require that a person takes responsibility for each distribution list. This person is responsble for requesting any changes to it's membership list. 
This is typically a permanent member of staff.
Initial Distribution List Members
Each person who should be a member of the distribution list should have their username (i.e. bloggsja) listed in the section below.  Please note that only people Univesity email addresses/user accounts can be members of distribution lists.