Data Storage & Backup

It is vital to ensure that the data and files you work with are stored securely.  You should avoid saving work related documents and data to desktop and notebook computers, in favour of backed up and managed central file storage.

What Can I Save Where?

The University has a set of data classifications:

  • Public – available to any member of the public without restriction
  • Open – available to any authenticated member of the University
  • Confidential – available only to specified members, with appropriate authorisation
  • Strictly Confidential – available to only a very small number of members, with appropriate authorisation
  • Secret – the most restricted category. It is not anticipated that many University assets will be assigned this classification

You will need to assign the appropriate classification to your data. The classification will dictate where such data needs to be stored. If you are having trouble classifying your data please contact the University's Data Protection Officer.

Permitted storage locations for data classifications:

The below information is currently under review and will be updated as soon as it is available.

Strictly Confidential 

 Central On Campus Storage        
 Central Cloud Storage (Box.com)        
 Approved Encrypted Portable Drive        
 Encrypted University PC Hard Drive          
 Central Managed Server          
 Other PC Hard Drive          
 Other Portable Drive          
 Other Cloud Storage (e.g. DropBox)        
 Adobe Creative Cloud           

For more information on handling information and for examples of data classification please see the Information Security Policy.