My Aston Portal (MAP) - Changes for 2012/13

1. Student Face to Face Engagements

Recording engagements with students, whether it is as their personal tutor or following a tutorial, can be done in MAP with the option of adding notes and documents. Existing engagements can be searched for by any member of staff using the 'View Face to Face Engagements for a student' report. All international students must have an engagement recorded every two weeks. For further information please visit the Engagement Monitoring webpage.

2. Personal Tutees

Academic staff, with personal tutees assigned, can view a list of tutees and email them all or individually. Details on each student can be viewed quickly, including engagements that have been recorded for any tutees. This tool will help when arranging and recording face to face meetings with tutees.

MAP Academic Staff View 2012-3
MAP Academic Staff View 2012-3

3. Student Course Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

Students can now enquire about leaving Aston University through MAP and can make a request for School administrative staff to process, subject to approval. Academic staff should refer students to MAP, where the process can be completed quickly and with all correspondence recorded. Existing requests can be viewed using the 'View Student Withdrawals/Suspension of Study Requests' link.

4. Coursework Barcode Submission

Hard-copy coursework submissions will now be recorded by scanning a barcode cover sheet printed by the student. School administrative staff set up and record submissions in MAP, allowing students (and staff) to view individual student deadlines, cover sheets and submission confirmation. School staff need to ensure all assessment dates are stored in SITS.

For further information on any of the tasks please contact Richard Block or the SITS/MAP team