Web requisitioning

Agresso web requisitioning is the new exciting system which allows staff to raise purchase orders electronically online directly onto the finance system.  It replaces the paper-based purchase order system which previously required staff to write or type out an order, a copy of which was then sent to the to the Finance Department who would manually put it onto the system.   With Agresso, the requisition is forwarded automatically to the person with the appropriate authority to approve the transaction.  Once authorised, a purchase order is generated (in PDF format) and mailed back to the requisitioner, who can then send it to the supplier by post, email or fax.  

Purchase invoices can now also be sent to the Finance Department where they will be scanned and the image sent electronically to the person with appropriate authority to approve  for payment. 

If you have any questions about Agresso web requisitioning please see our Agresso Information pages.  For help using the system please see our course materials.

Benefits of Agresso web requisitioning 

  • Look-up table listing all products and their linked account code. 
  • Look-up table of existing suppliers including contact information.  On selecting a supplier these details are automatically dropped into the relevant data field.
  • Automatic linking of a job to a cost centre.
  • Restrictions on who can approve invoices ensuring that only people with appropriate authority can approve orders and invoices. 
  • Order tracking and history.
  • Scanned images of purchases orders ensuring permanent electronic record.
  • Status of requisitions and invoices can be tracked to identify what stage they are at.
  • Portfolio of reports for comprehensive analysis.
  • Helps the University become greener through less paper usage.