Agresso Finance System

To access Agresso web portal, please go to: http://www.aston.ac.uk/agresso

What is Agresso?

Agresso is the University’s finance system.  Since the first phase of implementation in March 2006, Agresso has been continually developed to provide staff and students with an efficient and effective method of carrying out financial transactions.   

Some of Agresso's key functions include: 

  • Electronic student invoicing - this allows students to receive invoices, letters and related financial statements via email to their University email address.  This avoids many of the problems typically associated with sending via the post including delays and delivery problems where address information has not been maintained.

  • Agresso web payment module - this allows students (or their parents) to pay tuition and accommodation fees by card over the web via a secure connection and avoid waiting in long queues at the cashiers’ office.  Students can also view their account details online to help them manage their financial obligations better and reduce the likelihood of discrepancies and misunderstandings remaining unresolved.  In the first year of operation we have taken around £15 million in tuition and accommodation fees.  Click here for more information on web payment.

  • Agresso web – this allows Aston staff to access reports, such as debtor reports for the sanctions process, and retrieve any required information from the finance system.

  • Agresso web portal – this enhances the purchasing process through electronic requisitioning and invoice approval.  The project launched on 17th August 2007 after an extensive period of testing. 

  • Agresso web requisitioning – this is the new exciting system which allows staff to raise purchase orders electronically online directly onto the finance system.  Click here for more information about web requisitioning. 

Future plans

To enhance the system further we are now focussing on:   

  • Integrating it with other University systems.

  • Providing financial information / reports via the web portal, which will enhance users ability to retrieve required information from the system.