Phishing Scams

"They're after your Account Details and Personal Information"

You may receive an email from a bank or other institution asking you to either click a link or reply to an email in order to provide personal information. Such an email is more than likely the type of Internet scam known as "phishing".

A phishing scam is one in which victims are tricked into providing personal information such as account numbers and passwords to what they believe to be a legitimate organisation. In order to carry out this trick, the scammers often create a "look-a-like" website that is designed to resemble the target company's official website. Typically, emails are used as "bait" in order to get the potential victim to visit the bogus website.

Click to see an example of a Phishing Email

Be wary of any email that asks you to click on a link and provide sensitive personal information such as banking details. Information submitted on these bogus websites is harvested by the scammers and may be used to steal funds from your accounts and /or steal your identity.Most legitimate companies would not request sensitive information from customers via email.

  • DO NOT click on the links in these emails.
  • DO NOT provide any information about yourself.
  • DELETE the email
If you have any doubts at all about the authenticity of an email, contact the ISA helpdesk.