Lottery Scams

Lottery Scam
"They're after your Personal Information and Money"

You may receive an email that claims that you have won a great deal of money in an international lottery even though you have never bought a ticket. The email may claim that your email address was randomly chosen out of a large pool of addresses as a "winning entry".

There is no lottery and no prize. Those who initiate a dialogue with the scammers by replying to the messages will be first asked to provide a great deal of personal information. Eventually, they will be asked to send money to cover expenses associated with delivery of the supposed "winnings". They may also become the victims of identity theft.

Click to see an example of a Lottery scam email

Such emails are almost certainly fraudulent. In some cases, the emails claim to be endorsed by well-known companies such as Microsoft or include links to legitimate lottery organization websites. Any relationships implied by these endorsements and links will be completely bogus.

  • DO NOT respond to these messages. 
  • DO NOT supply any personal information whatsoever.
  • DELETE the email