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Kestrel Ringing May 2014

This year's kestrel chicks were ringed on 30 May at 2.5 weeks old. All 5 chicks were healthy and were ringed without any difficulties. 

After fledging, one of our kestrels was seen sitting on top of the glass roof of the reception area. He had fledged a little too soon but after a few days found his wings. Another great year for our kestrels!

Visit to Aston's Biodiverse Roof (Dec 2013)

We visited the biodiverse roof onto of ASV2 and installed a nest box suitable for Black Redstarts - these have been seen and heard on campus.  

Visit to Biodiverse Roof (6 August 2013)

The group were lucky enough to have a tour of the Biodiverse roofs at the Birmingham City Council building on Woodcock Street.

The tour was headed by Nicola Farrin, Birmingham City Council Ecologist, who offered to arrange this for us as part of our recent group research and general interest in the idea of “corridors” of biodiverse roofs dotted across the city to enhance and attract a wide range of wildlife, as indeed our own biodiverse roof on Phase II ASV will hopefully achieve.

Wildlife Sign Installation (July 2013)

Our wildlife sign was installed at the lake during July 2013. This was paid for by the money we won for the Excellence Award in Contribution to Sustainable Campus 2012. Our thanks go to the following people, without whose help this would not of been possible: Alan Charters, Mark Sutton, David Taylor, Andrew Blake, Mark Bartlett, Dave Gwynne and Lynnette Jones.

To celebrate the sign, members of ACWG had a lakeside picnic with a couple of bottles of fizz!

Planting at the Lake (June 2013)

With some of the money we won for the Excellence Award in Contribution to Sustainable Campus 2012, and a contribution from the Environment & Sustainability team, we purchased several marginal and aquatic plant species for the lake. These include giant dock, ragged robin and yellow flag iris. A well armed work party of group members planted these (with the kind help of the Gardening Team) and all plants look to be doing well. Our lake is looking glorious!

Kestrel Ringing (June 2013)

This year's kestrel chicks were ringed on Thursday 13 June at 2.5 weeks old. All 5 chicks were healthy and were ringed without any difficulties. Ringing was much later than in previous years due to the cold spring and delayed laying/hatching. More Kestel information can be found on our Kestrel Page.

Hedgehog Talk (May 2013)

Group member John Hancock from Vision Sciences gave a fascinating talk on hedgehogs, and the work he is involved in through the Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Over the years, John has rescued and nursed back to health hundreds of hedgehogs, and has a wealth of experience, stories and wonderful photographs of hoglets!

For more information on the work of the Hedgehog Preservation Society click here. If you are interested in re-homing a hedgehog, please contact Carolyn Taylor.

Kestrel Ringing (May 2012)

Our 2012 brood of kestrel chicks (3 in total) were ringed by a licenced handler during May 2012.

Group member also Morteza Alamolhoda captured it on video. You can now view this on You Tube.

Bird Silhouette Workshop (March 2012)

Staff in LIS have reported a number of birds flying into the windows on the side of the building nearest Vision Sciences. The highly reflective windows reflect the trees and a number of birds have been seen going into the windows.

Only one fatality is known (a goldfinch) and this prompted the group to take action in the form of kestrel shapes on the windows. We had a very enjoyable workshop (run by group member Mike Wootton) to make and put these up. Hopefully the fake kestrels will prevent birds flying into the windows from now on!

ACWG Kestrel Ringing May 2014
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