The Sustainable Aston Working Group


The Sustainable Aston Working Group is an interdisciplinary group of academics, student representatives and support staff. Supported by the Executive, in May 2007, the Sustainable Aston Working Group developed a vision, Aston’s Sustainability Aims (PDF), committing the University to the concept of sustainability in the three key areas of community, teaching and research. This was then further developed in June 2008, when SAWG established a Sense of Direction document, detailing key areas of focus for the future.

A network of satellite groups to the Sustainable Aston Working Group is evolving. There are currently sustainability groups focusing on Procurement, the School of Life and Health Sciences and Aston Business School, as well as an active Fairtrade Steering Group and Bicycle Users Group.

The group have also looked at communications and how to engage with staff and students on sustainability. The following strategy outlines different actions, and this has been reviewed by SAWG.

Communications Action Plan 2016/17

The Sustainable Aston Working Group's prime role is to act as a focus for all of these activities, fielding ideas, lending support and enabling action. If you want to find out more about the Sustainable Aston Working Group contact the environment team on environment@aston.ac.uk 

A list of the current members of SAWG can be found here:

List of current members

Meeting minutes

All files are in PDF format