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If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve Aston's environmental performance, have a query or just want more information, please get in touch with the Sustainability Team on: environment@aston.ac.uk We encourage all students and staff, including trade union representatives, to engage with us on the sustainability agenda. We would love to hear from you! 

We are also on Facebook (GreenAstonUni) and Twittter (@GreenAstonUni)

The University's Chief of Operations and Estates, Alan Charters leads from a executive position on Sustainability. He reports annually on the University's Carbon Management Plan to the Executive Committee.

Adrian Owen

Adrian Owen

Deputy Director Of Estates

Adrian Owen started at Aston University in June 2008 as Resource Manager having spent the first twenty years of his career doing various finance roles within the private sector. The role is very diverse, but among Adrian’s main responsibilities are setting and controlling the Estates and Capital Development budgets and Campus Services along with Systems and Process improvements.He took over managing the Sustainability Team in May 2017. He works Monday- Friday Full Time


Andrew Bryers

Andrew Bryers

Energy, Environment and Sustainability Manager

Andrew started this role in October 2010, having previously worked in similar roles within the Higher Education and County Council sectors.  Andrew manages the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Team, and in particular Energy Management, The Carbon Management Plan and embedding sustainability into development projects. He works full time Monday - Friday.

E-mail: a.bryers@aston.ac.uk

Liz Thompson

Liz Hunt

Energy, Environment and Sustainability Officer

Liz joined the team at the end of 2015 after 5 years experience working in environmental management within both the Higher Education and Private sectors. She is responsible for maintaining the University's environmental management systems, ISO 14001 and EcoCampus Platinum, as well as getting involved in several other areas such as biodiversity, sustainable procurement and waste. She works full time Monday - Friday.

Email: e.e.hunt@aston.ac.uk

 Other Colleagues who have Sustainability within their role

Adam Reilly

Estates Engineering Manager

Within Adam's role includes embedding energy efficiency's through various projects such as upgrading our lighting infrastructure to LED, leading on the engineering aspect of expanding our CHP scheme, and reducing energy demand through advising on more efficient electrical equipment within new projects. He works full time Monday - Friday.

Email: a.reilly2@aston.ac.uk

Chris Buckley

Engineering Officer

Within Chris's role includes implementing energy savings through the management of the Building Energy Management System as well as reducing energy demand through advising on more efficient mechanical equipment within new projects. He works full time Monday - Friday.

Email: c.buckley1@aston.ac.uk

Andrew Keogh

Facilities Officer

Within Andrew's role includes looking at waste minimisation opportunities and training staff on new initiatives regarding waste and recycling including legal compliance. He works full time Monday - Friday.

Email: a.keogh@aston.ac.uk

Shirley O'Reilly

Assistant Procurement Manager

Shirley takes a leading role in embedding sustainability into procurement processes using the Flexible Framework as a self assessment tool. Shirley is also Chair of the Fairtrade Steering Group. She works part time Monday - Thursday.

Email: s.a.oreilly@aston.ac.uk 

The Sustainability Team are also supported by the Part Time Student Union Sustainability Officer, who helps to run engagement activities, promotions and events with students and embed sustainability within the SU. Email: eeo@union.aston.ac.uk