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We aim to keep our campus one of the greenest and most sustainable in the country and have a range of projects to achieve this, including the internationally acclaimed ISO 14001 and Eco-campus Platinum environmental management systems. 

Have you spotted our ‘Kitty the Kestrel’ branding around campus? This is inspired by the kestrels that have nested on the University’s Main Building for over thirty years – first discovered in an abandoned toilet! Hopefully the kestrels keep returning to campus each year. When they do you can watch the chicks hatch on the ‘Kestrel Cam’ each spring. 

Look out for Kitty the Kestrel’s tips on how to be green around campus – including what to recycle and encouraging you to take the stairs instead of the lift. 

You can learn more about our Kestrels at the Aston Campus Wildlife group

The University has a Sustainable Transport Action Plan in place to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions being generated through commuting. However you travel to the University whether you walk, cycle, use public transport, car share or drive there is a wide range of initiatives, guidance and information as outlined within the this plan to increase your travel choice and help support you to plan your own personal sustainable travel journey. 

 Last year the University spent £3.5 million pounds on energy, which emitted 8,500 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

We have a target to reduce our carbon emissions by 53% in 2020, compared to what we used in 2005/6. Although we’ve reduced by 30%, we’ve still got a way to go: we need help from all staff and students to help us achieve this:

  • Please switch off lights in unoccupied rooms or if it’s sunny outside.
  • Switch off electrical equipment when it’s not needed. Don’t be tempted to leave things in standby mode!
  • Switch your PC off fully (at the plug) when possible.
  • Layer up and turn down radiator valves when the heating is on.
  • Get fit and take the stairs instead of taking the lift. Stair climbing burns more calories than jogging!
  • If you have air-conditioning running, ensure you close all doors and windows.
  • Don’t be a drip! Ensure you turn off taps fully to reduce wastage.
  • Any suggestions on how we can save energy? Please get in touch.