Richard Pedley - Fuel and Cooling Systems

Mechanical Engineering (BEng)

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Richard Pedley
Major Project
My final year project was to design, manufacture and test the engine ancillary systems for the 2012 Aston University Formula Student car.  This project focussed on the fuel and cooling systems specifically.  Due to the fact the team is using a new engine this year, a complete redesign of both systems was required.

Components for both systems were either procured from external suppliers or manufactured in-house, with industry standard design and manufacturing techniques being utilised. The result was the full production of both systems, and their complete validation in the testing regime of the 2012 car.

Second Project
My second project was to manage the logistics and H&S for the team itself.  As part of the management team I was required to attend weekly management meetings and report back to the other team managers and the university. My responsibilities were varied and ranged from managing the procurement of components from suppliers to producting a range of H&S literature.
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