Richard Luker - Production Management and Drive Train

Mechanical Engineering Systems (BEng)

Email: richard.luker@goodrich.com
Phone: +44(0)7886 935 899

Richard Luker
Major Project
I have had the pleasure of managing the production team for Aston Formula Student this year, keeping them on their toes whilst trying to pass on as much of my experience as possible to a great group of engineers.

As well as manufacturing manager I have been responsible for the drive-train. This includes a revolutionary new auto-clutch and gear shift system along with the drive chain, differential and drive-shafts.  If there is time hopefully there will be a few more electronic toys to help the drivers take the lead for Aston 2012.

My Next 3 Years
Hopefully I will be working for a motorsport engineering company or automotive research and development department.
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