Jack Allery - Un-sprung Assembly

Mechanical Engineering (BEng)

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Jack Allery
Major Project
I took up a project within the Formula Student Team, which looked at redesigning the Un-Sprung Assembly of the car. This consists of three general components: the uprights, hubs and wheel bearings, which essentially connect the wheels to the chassis whilst allowing them to turn.

The main purpose of the project was to reduce their mass whilst maintaining their operating function, thus improving the car’s performance. This was achieved through understanding the dynamic motion of the car and calculating the magnitude and direction of the loading forces experienced by it.  This influenced the materials used, design and sizing of the components.  Finite Element Analysis was used to predict its performance and verify the design.

My Next 3 Years
I'm flexible as to what industry I'll be working in, but the main aim is to be progressing towards Chartered Engineer status.
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