Aminuddin Osmani - Rear Chassis

Mechanical Engineering (BEng)

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Aminuddin Osmani
Major Project
My final year project is the design and manufacture of the Aston University 2012 rear chassis for Formula Student.  The project starts right from the conceptual stage through to sketches, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and final optimisations before the model is built. 

The chassis itself is designed and built around the components that it houses with aims to provide sufficient access and airflow to these parts. Apart from this another important objective was reducing the weight of the car, which was achieved through a program known as COSMOS. The COSMOS program is a simulator that re-enacts physical loads acting on an object, therefore allowing for loading to be applied to the chassis as if it were in motion.

My Next 3 Years
My interests have always been focused on the car industry, so it should come as no surprise that my goal is to be a part of this industry.
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