Student Videos

Student Film competition

Last year we held a short film competiton where we asked students to create a video about their experiences at Aston and more importantly what they enjoyed about studying in Engineering and Applied Science. Below are the wining entries 

Ross Ferreira EAS Experience

This video was created by Ross Ferreira a final year Mechanical Engineering Student.

EAS Experience

This video features several students talking about their experience studying in EAS.

Engineering and Applied Science offer a wide range of courses, from Mathematics to Construction Management. Listen to some of our current students talk about their experiences studying in EAS, and what they plan to do when they graduate from Aston.

MEng Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry

Madeleine talks about studying MEng Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry at Aston University, her Placement Year, and how a year in industry helped her graduate career.

BSc Computing Science

Maryam talks about studying BSc Computing Science at Aston University.

 BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Jin talks about studying BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Aston University, his Placement Year, and how a year in industry helped his graduate career.

Excellent Different Distinctive