Will Johnson

I am currently on placement at a multinational company called Foseco in Sydney, Australia. As a whole, the company is a $1 Billion + firm with offices and plants in over 52 countries.
We make foundry consumables used in castings, and sell to a vast range of industries from car manufactures like Toyota, mining companies like Rio Tinto, to renewable energy companies like Vesta.
The level of responsibility and discretion I have been given, as an under-graduate intern has been phenomenal.  Since being here I have projected managed the largest and most important project in Foseco’s AUS's history.

My duties include:
- Analyzed current freight and warehousing operations across Australasia, down to the minutest detail creating visibility never previously seen.
- Including business trips to satellite distribution hubs across Australia as well as one on one meets with Directors from logistics companies in different states.
- Looked at rail, road freight and domestic / international shipping.
- Liaised with logistic companies like DHL, LinFox and our chosen provider TOLL a 7 Billion-AUD company.
- Chaired meetings between our internal management team and National BDM's from the TOLL group.
- Conducted a cost analysis of a national freight solution from a single supplier as a posed to the plethora of freight companies we currently use.
- Conducted a cost analysis in closing down our 4 warehouses and moving towards fully out sourced logistics system.

As a result of my analysis and initiatives the company will see a 54% cost reduction taken out of the supply chain year 1, or 2 Million AUD's +, a figure validated by our divisional accountant.
I cannot take too much credit, just happened to be at the right place, at the right time.
In terms of value adding life experience the internship has been invaluable. I have fantastic real life insight into international business and a multitude of references up to director level.
And it does not stop there, in March I fly home for a month, then I fly to Suzhou, Shanghai for another 6 months placement with Foseco China. The next 6 months will have more technical focus, working on projects involving the robotic systems of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, plant optimization and OH&S.
Employers want people who can add value to their businesses, just because a candidate has got a 1st for LSE or is good at "memorizing / regurgitating info" does not mean they can organize or project manage, and it is work experience that proves that you can function and be successful in a "real business".

- Identify who the decision maker is and target them directly. Through research, questioning, guesswork and networking through an organization.
- Google sales phrases like "Getting past the gate keeper" to wise up on new business sales techniques.
- Call the decision maker, it is easier to say no by email, impress them with a pre-prepared script and close them.
- Demonstrate to the decision maker how you can add value to there business. How can you help them? What skills or experience do you have?
- Ask questions like, Can I send my CV to you directly? When can we meet in person?
- After rejection don’t take no for an answer, as long as your polite and professional you can ask time after time again.
- Approach smaller companies who may not be advertising placements but would benefit from an intelligent / cheap intern.
- Be relentless in your quest, one friend doing architecture made 150 applications before he was hired, and I made 15 phone calls over 2 weeks / and had 2 interviews with Foseco and before I was finally accepted.

I wish you good luck in you search and hope you will be as fortunate as me.




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