Student Profiles

Claire Green  BSc Logistics Management
DHL 125px
"I am currently on work placement with DHL Healthcare. When I started at DHL it was more than I thought because they already had planned what they wanted to me to take control of and take part in. "
Majestic 125px
"I have been working for Majestic-12 now for just under 5 months and I have to say, this is by far the best place I have ever worked."
Cadbury 125px
"Working for Cadbury has been very enlightening, my job role is Process and Project Engineer which involves looking at quality engineering and statistics however Cadbury are flexible with their approach with me and I have managed to create some engineering drawings, assist in trails and many other projects."

Vaishali Gadhock  BSc Logistics Management
GSK 125px
"I would recommend doing a placement year, as the experience of using my academic knowledge and applying aspects from my Logistics degree has been challenging and overall, enjoyable. With the experience I’ve had in the workplace I now cannot wait to graduate and start working again."
James Fincham  BSc Construction Management
James 125px
"Before joining Aston University I worked in construction as a labourer, however I decided to go to University to study construction as I wanted to take the next step from being a labourer on a site to managing projects, taking control and using my initiative. For this reason the role within DSM represented the perfect position for me."

NATTS 125px
"I feel that my industrial placement year will definitely benefit me in returning to University, as well as in my future career. In regards to my final year, I believe that I can utilise some greatly improved skills such as time management which has been fundamental in completing my projects to precise dates."
Faisal Rajput  BSc Construction Management
Faisal Rajput 125px

"At first the notion of studying abroad may seem a daunting task, and in some respects moving to a completely different country may seem intimidating, however, a study placement brings about invaluable benefits that last a lifetime."

Ansar Sadar 125px
"Ansar Sardar, a mechanical engineering graduate from Aston University has completed a year in industry with Vacuum Technology Company Edwards."
Joe Patrick  BSc Transport Management
London Underground 125px
"I wanted to work for London Underground as I feel the company would be able to offer a placement which is relevant to my degree in Transport Management and would help me develop my future career which I hope will be in the railway industry." 
Pinewood 125px
"The office environment and the support given to me through review meetings and the buddy scheme has helped zapp me into working harder to achieve my targets to my best ability - which is a great skill to bring back to University for my final year!"

Joe Harding  BSc Logistics Management
Mattel 125px
"So far since I have been at mattel there are lots of benefits that students will love, from the free coffee machine to meals out with your department, oh and also the extra cheap toy store where mattel employees get a further discount on already discounted products."

Dominique Florian  BSc Transport Management
Dominique 125px
“My name is Dominique Florian, I study (BSc) Transport Management at Aston University. I am currently on my placement year with a company called NxtAsia Consulting Co., Ltd, situated in the heart of Shanghai in Mainland China."
Anshul Jain 125px
"The environment I work in allows me to easily improve technical and practical skills that are essential to my University course, and is also good fun – the group I am in is very friendly and I have taken part in various group social outings."
Will Johnson 125px
“I am currently on placement at a multinational company called Foseco in Sydney, Australia. As a whole, the company is a $1 Billion + firm with offices and plants in over 52 countries."
Mahdi Hujizadeh 125px
"What I enjoy the most in the job is the quick progression to independent work. Most of the worked carried out have never been done before and it involves information from the latest journal publications. More independent work is encouraged however an approachable supervisor is always there for advice."
Stef Murray 125px
"After a long journey of application writing, telephone interviews and assessment centres, I decided that Molson Coors Brewers UK would be the company I would spend my 12 month placement working. I also co-ordinate a group of 20 mechanical labourers and engineering technicians during my placement.”
Shabnam Bibi 125px
"The first-hand experience gained by a placement year is useful when it comes to selecting final year optional modules, as it allows you to focus in areas of particular interest. This degree is run by an internationally recognised centre of research so you can be assured to get top-quality tuition at Aston University."
Graduate Profile

"My experience at Aston was one of which I will never forget. It gave me the opportunity to be taught by professors with great experience and professionalism in their field of expertise. During the course I also had the opportunity to meet classmates from different backgrounds and cultures."

"I feel that I have a good foundation which I will use to build on my experience in design.
I can confidently apply my problem solving skills and tackle different challenges that arise in every day."
Sunil Profile

"There is a lot I took away with me from Aston. Some of the key skills that have helped me to get to where I am now are:
Time management skills
Project management and co-ordination
Presentational skills
Crafting and model making
Software skills
Techniques to come up with different and effective creative ideas"

Chris Nixon
"I have learnt a lot during my time at Aston. The formula student project has helped me to understand how a part would be designed, and built. My design competition module also allowed me to investigate an array of different design projects each allowing me to develop a different skill set and think around new problems in creating, innovative ways."  
Shaun stone profile
"My time spent on the Shell Eco project is my biggest memory of my time at Aston. The hours spent applying what I had been taught in prior years; support from staff throughout the university and team spirit forged between team-members was a great experience."

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"During this 4-year programme at Aston University, I was not only exposed to the technical detail of engineering but was allowed to experience the creative side of design and heightening my passion for the discipline (which is a must in this industry)!"

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