Stefan Murray

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Stef Murray - Molson Coors Brewers UK

After a long journey of application writing, telephone interviews and assessment centres, I decided that Molson Coors Brewers UK would be the company I would spend my 12 month placement working. Some of you undoubtedly will be now thinking, “ How does Engineering relate to brewing beer!? “ Well it’s quite simple:

We currently have over 13000 mechanical and electrical Assets ranging from conveyors & elevators that carry barley

(a product used to make beer) around site, to 10,000KW Motors and 4000 Ton Germinating Vessels, which allow that barley to ferment. These Assets all have detailed maintenance requirements and working as part of the Engineering management team, I co-ordinate a group of 20 mechanical labourers and engineering technicians, and strategically plan our maintenance to ensure the brewing process isn’t interrupted, but the huge machines that make the beer maintain strong engineering integrity.

I enjoy the fact that I am not just office based, as half of my day is spent out on site, controlling any maintenance procedures and over-seeing permits for sub-contractors we employ to undertake work on our site. I have also had to regularly call upon my knowledge of World Class Manufacture and numerous Mechanical, Electrical and Thermodynamic properties studied in both first & second year. For all of you currently applying for placements, I urge you not to give up trying. I sent out over 100 applications and most of the companies never even sent back an email- confirmation! Luckily a few did and I was able to secure invaluable experience within a global firm. Despite a quite gloomy economic state, there are rays of sunshine out there for the ones who show endurance and do that little bit extra to make themselves stand out.

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