Shaun Stone

Shaun stone profile

MSc Product Design Innovation

My time spent on the Shell Eco project is my biggest memory of my time at Aston. The hours spent applying what I had been taught in prior years; support from staff throughout the university and team spirit forged between team-members was a great experience.

I was also given the opportunity to undertake my placement year in Korea which was a once in a lifetime experience which I wouldn’t have been able to do away from Aston.

My practical learning has enabled me to have the confidence to be able to solve new problems faced in the workplace. Knowledge of the principles to apply and how to go about the tasks given allows me to tackle a wide variety of problems.

I also have experience of working alongside technical staff as well as non-technical people which is very useful for interactions with industry members and suppliers.

After graduating from Aston I was offered a job as a project engineer at 3D Laser Mapping Ltd. My responsibilities include design and development of systems and products for application in varying industries such as mining. Working on the hardware side of 3D scanners- designing things such as mountings, enclosures and getting them manufactured.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research