Richard Shaw

Richard shaw
BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering

I decided that Aston was a prime location for me to study as it was situated in an easy to reach location.  However, due to private circumstances I was required to do a foundation year at Aston.  At first, this seemed tedious, but it did give me an insight into the possible degree paths that I could take, allowing me to make an informed decision when choosing Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

School gave the impression that teachers do not care about your understanding of the subject material, however at Aston they continue to impress by offering optional tutorials to help students’ understanding and responding to any concerns one might have.

In the beginning, some of the course modules seem very difficult and actually scary, but when it comes to exams you find that a little revision actually brings everything together and gives you clarity.

I would recommend the engineering department of Aston primarily because of the professors and their commitment to us, the students.

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