Rachel Liddiard

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Researching a placement was hard work and took many hours to fill in countless applications, do internet tests and go to interviews however it was all worthwhile as I managed to secure a placement with Cadbury.

Working for Cadbury has been very enlightening, my job role is Process and Project Engineer which is slightly different for a mech eng student as it mainly involves looking at quality engineering and statistics however Cadbury are flexible with
their approach with me and I have managed to create some engineering drawings, assist in trails and many other projects. 

I find Cadbury really puts you in the heart of the business and gives you jobs and projects that really count towards a cost saving or a better running process, you find your actions
have a real effect on the company.

I would say one of the major things that I have learnt while in Cadburys is people skills, which I am still improving. Doing
group projects at university is one thing, but doing a project with the head of engineering right down to the operators who each require a different method of communication is something completely different. I believe that the only way to learn and understand the intricacies of business is to be there and experience it for yourself and I think it will give me
a big head up when looking for a graduate role.


Rachel Liddiard

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research