Nathan Shane

“The Logistics course at Aston really focused me into knowing what I wanted to achieve. I gained a placement with Exel Logistics (now DHL) as a Project Manager. After my placement a lot of what I was studying started to make more sense, I cannot underestimate the importance of a placement year. Upon graduating I stayed at Aston and I was elected into the role of Vice President Finance & Advancement for Aston Students Guild, I was in charge of all the commercial services within the Students’ Guild.

After being in this role for two years, I gained a position as a Project Manager for Procter & Gamble, the World’s most admired consumer goods company, it is a great company to work for. I am in charge of real projects with real time constraints, I have responsibility from day one. All the experience and knowledge that I learnt from my time at Aston studying Logistics is standing me in good stead. I can recommend Aston to anyone and particularly the Logistics Course. I will never forget my time at Aston.”

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