Mahdi Hujizadeh

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Mahdi Hujizadeh - Baker Hughes

I applied to Baker Hughes due to my desire to enter the oil and gas industry. As a service provider BHI opens many doors to all aspects of oil, gas and even renewable fuel industry. Although I was slightly disappointed about not having a direct engineering role, my first impressions of the company were fantastic. I quickly learnt that a knowledge of engineering would greatly help provide the field engineers with solutions to many problems, as well as issues caused by pure operator ignorance due to the “we do it this way” philosophy. Many aspects of my studies during my first two years quickly started to make sense, and I learnt more in two months than my two years at University!

I have worked on a series of projects such as improving cold flow on diesels (from Morocco and Germany), biodiesels in Hungary, improving stability of fuel from used vegetable oil, crude oil desalting and crude blending. What I enjoy the most in the job is the quick progression to independent work. Most of the worked carried out have never been done before and it involves information from the latest journal publications. Further more independent work is encouraged however an approachable supervisor is always there for advice.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research