Joe Patrick

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London Underground
BSc Transport Management

Why did you choose to join the Company? What were your initial impressions on joining the Company?

I wanted to work for London Underground as I feel the company would be able to offer a placement which is relevant to my degree in Transport Management and would help me develop my future career which I hope will be in the railway industry. LU has a large number of unique challenges and is undergoing a multi billion pound transformation so I knew I would be working in an ever changing and complex environment.

What type of projects have you undertaken so far, what has been the best one?

I have primarily focussed on operational and customer service projects working as part of a team implementing organisational change in parts of the business. This has included investigating a number of issues ranging from staff at stations to cleanliness of trackside areas.

The projects I have been working on have all had a direct impact on the front-line customer facing aspects of London Underground and being able to see directly for myself the impacts of the changes that have been made was particularly rewarding.

The roles I have played within these different projects have been varied. Helping to set up a new project, I held responsibility for scoping work-streams, creating a project schedule and giving project updates to senior management. On another project, I was responsible for modelling the impacts of proposals on a number of stations to provide an accurate analysis for internal stakeholders and I have also worked alongside trade unions in developing plans for future changes.

What do you enjoy most about your job/placement scheme?

I like the fact that I am given opportunities which are outside of my normal day-to-day work, such as training, working on stations (eg. during strike disruption) and visits to other parts of TfL to learn more about the company. In addition I have a schemes advisor in TfL who is my contact throughout my time at LU and whom I can go to for advice on a day-to-day basis.

What advice would you give to Second Years currently looking for a Placement?

It is important to ensure that you know as much as possible about the company you want to work for and come across as passionate and committed not only to the company, but also for the area of work you hope to be doing. My company provided feedback from my application which showed that the application form, personal statement, past experience, tests, assessment exercise and interview were all as important as each other when it came to selecting me as a candidate.


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