Joe Harding

The Job
First of all, my job consists of working from around 8-30 till 6pm with a 30 minute lunch, however due to the nature of the company these times are not strict, so for example we lunch for 45 minutes and have small coffee breaks during the day.

The work itself consists of mainly checking invoices from our suppliers, whereby we have our calculations and we match these to their files that they send us. We then look at any differences and look for any possible explanations for these, if they are correct we process them, if not we ask for credit notes etc. This job requires a lot of use of excel however for anyone applying for the job as long as they have a basic understanding of excel they will pick it up fairly quickly!

We also provide instructions for air freights and also we deal with sea and road freight also, however this is not as prominent as checking invoices. At the end of every month I have to update all of our European country files (these are the files we use to check if invoices are correct) this job can be quite stressful but only happens for 2 days a month maximum.
In this job we also get set special tasks sometimes, and special projects however this is determined on the current time of the year. (For example I had to compile a report on the recent recalls that Mattel issued)

As for the staff here, the workforce is all extremely friendly and the average age is not too old and also not too young. As for my team, there are 4 of us, all extremely friendly (me included) and all that are extremely helpful. The manager in particular is very helpful, whilst giving you a lot of responsibility.

Work Benefits
So far since I have been at Mattel there are lots of benefits that students will love, from the free coffee machine to meals out with your department, oh and also the extra cheap toy store where Mattel employees get a further discount on already discounted products.

Events that have occurred -

  • Monthly Employee update - free sandwiches, drinks
  • Introduction to Mattel - free meal from the canteen
  • Lunch - Subsidised meals from canteen
  • Toy Fair - helping out at local toy fair, extra holiday given for giving up half a day of your weekend
  • Sinterklaas - bigger than Christmas in UK, help out with setting up the events, also get a gift off Sinterklaas.
  • Xmas Dept Meal - Free Lunch at local restaurant
  • Xmas Party - Free Bar and Food
  • BBQ - Free Bar and Food to celebrate the end of summer (weird i know but hey its free)
  • Tram Pass- Subsidised tram pass
  • plus lots more to come! 


Although we live in a small town outside Amsterdam, roughly equivalent to Erdington or Solihull is to Birmingham, the access to Amsterdam is easy enough by tram.

Well what to say about Amsterdam, it’s a student’s dream, it’s a beautiful city with lots of events (sail Amsterdam, gay pride, queens day etc.) but it also has that crazy nightlife students crave.

The city itself is actually quite small and it doesn’t take long to think you have done everything, however sometimes the best places are places you would never think of going to Amsterdam offers a lot of variety. It has a lot of Music venues where a lot of the best bands in the world come to play, (I've already seen 4 bands), and the Amsterdam arena is a 10 minute bus journey away where you can watch Ajax or Holland play football. And then there’s always the standard trips to the red light district and coffee shops as tourists believe is all to do in Amsterdam.

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