Jessica El Chaar

My experience at Aston was one of which I will never forget. First of all it gave me the opportunity to be taught by professors with great experience and professionalism in their field of expertise.

During the course I also had the opportunity to meet classmates from different backgrounds and cultures. Many of which I have made real friends with and am still in contact with.As an international student at Aston, I also had the opportunity to experience the on-campus accommodation, in which I met my wonderful flat mates. All these factors combined made my overall experience worthwhile.

During my MSc Thesis, I was able to work with a team of academics in one of the Aston Departments. This gave me an opportunity to have hands on experience whilst implementing a new project management technique into their department. It enabled me to shift my theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge in a real life working environment. The feasibility of my work helped me a lot in my current position because I currently deal with 3 different development teams and coordinate between them.

After Graduating from Aston I was offered a Job as a Software Development Release Manager at SABIS® Educational Services s.a.l. We are responsible for 75 schools across Asia, Europe and the U.S. Once any of these schools have a software requirement, change request or bug in their system, our development team is responsible for providing responding to these requests. My role comes after Software Development. I perform integration tests on the changes and make sure they work and prepare them in a package called a “Release” and send it to the specific school. Once these changes are applied and working well. I am responsible for making sure that all the schools have the same software version and all their databases are aligned.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research