James Riley

I chose to study at Aston because of the Automotive Product Design course, which can also include a year in industry. I saw this as a great opportunity to develop my skills and then match them to a working environment. When I wrote to car companies to apply for placements, they all gave a positive response and I feel that being at Aston gave me an edge over students studying elsewhere.

I managed to get a placement at BMW Group in Oxford. The placement was great and gave me an opportunity to apply what I had learnt at University in a real work environment and also helped me learn additional skills, such as work etiquette. I was given a trusted role working on the prototype cars. The placement year benefited me in a big way, and has helped me to understand the context of the final year work I am completing. In addition to this, it has given me a good reference for employers when I leave, as they will be able to see that I can work effectively as well as just complete academic work.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research