Henry Crockett

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Henry Crockett - Houses of Parliament
BSc Construction Project Management

The placement I am currently working on is with the Parliamentary Estates Directorate, at the Houses of Parliament. I am currently working in the department of Facilities and Management, focusing on Project Leadership and Management. I discovered the placement from the Placement Office at Aston University, who recommended that it would a great placement for me.

My role on my placement is to assist Project Managers and Project Leaders on various aspects of a wide range of projects. Many of my day to day tasks have included attending a mixture of meetings, prioritising schedules of work, taking part in the procurement process, creating presentations and necessary documents, and also site visits to the relevant areas.

I am currently working on an array of interesting projects from improvement Mechanical and Engineering aspects, to renovation of areas in the Palace and also developing rundown buildings. Working here I have been able to meet and work with a range of professionals including contractors, directors, engineers, conservation architects and project leaders.

The placement is beneficial to me as it provides a fantastic experience that is highly relevant to my course putting many modules I have studied into practice. The placement will certainly help immensely for my final year studies. From many professionals I have spoken to, and from my own experience, I believe going on a placement and gaining professional experience gives you the edge when it comes to looking for a graduate career.

I am very fortunate to be working at such a prestigious establishment, working with a great team of professionals. With the current economic climate, finding a placement can be a real struggle. Last year my personal experience was that placements are very limited, so there is an emphasis on really pushing to get one. In order to gain a placement, I took advantage of the facilities at Aston, such as the CV workshop and also the placement drop in sessions (in particular speaking to students that had been on a placement previously.)

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